The Best Retail Small Business Loans


It’s no secret that e-commerce juggernauts like Amazon have taken noticeable bites out of many retailers’ bottom lines over the last several years. Moving forward, researchers predict that U.S. e-commerce sales will continue to grow. Altogether, the e-commerce market is expected to reach an impressive $414 billion by 2018.

Despite that, brick-and-mortar retail businesses still account for a significantly larger piece of the U.S. economy. Sales grew 3.3% in 2015 as retailers collectively hauled in $4.8 trillion. What’s more, prognosticators predict the brick-and-mortar retail segment will continue growing over the foreseeable future, earning revenues north of $5.3 trillion in 2018.

Like any other small business owner, retailers have their work cut out for them. When money’s tied up in inventory or bills, for example, it can be difficult to keep everything running smoothly. The good news is that retailers who have cash problems aren’t completely out of luck.

When money is tight, retail business owners can apply for small business loans to get the money they need to grow their businesses.



As a retailer, there are a number of ways you can invest your small business loan, including:

  • Stocking up on inventory to cover seasonal spikes in business volume
  • Increasing your advertising to attract more customers to your store or website
  • Improving your access to working capital to cover payroll, operating costs and unforeseen expenses
  • Renovating or expanding your retail business
  • Launching an e-commerce website if you haven’t already
  • Hiring additional staff members to keep up with customer demand


Why Capital Alliance?

Why you should choose Capital Alliance as your small business loan provider:


It's fast. You can wrap up the application process within 15 minutes. Learn which documents you need in order to apply for a loan »


Get funded quickly. Your application will be reviewed within 24 hours. Once approved, money will be in your bank account within a business day or two.


We offer repeat customer benefits. Don’t miss any payments and you can borrow for less in the future.


There aren’t any hidden fees. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll have to repay over the life of the loan.


You don’t need a perfect credit score. While banks require retailers to have near-perfect credit scores, we care more about your business’ ability to generate revenue. Read more about loans for those with sub-par credit »


You can build your credit score. Repay on time and watch your creditworthiness increase.

In the aftermath of the recent financial collapse, traditional banking institutions are approving fewer and fewer small business loan applications. There’s no sense in wasting your time going through a time-consuming process only to have your application rejected. Apply for a loan with Capital Alliance, and you’ll know whether your loan was approved quickly.



We’ll work with you to find the exact financial instrument your retail store needs to make it to the next level. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Don’t let money problems stunt the growth of your small business. Apply for a small business loan today with Capital Alliance. You can always request a free quote, too. We look forward to hearing from you!