Quick Business Loans for Automotive Companies


It’s no secret today’s difficult economic environment has hurt the auto repair industry. As consumer incomes remain stagnant—or even dwindle—many customers are delaying repairs or even deciding to take a Do-It-Yourself approach to solving their problems.

To counter that, many auto shop owners have reduced prices and profit margins in order to remain competitive. While it’s a great way to drum up business, the approach has left many auto shop owners in a tricky place. It’s hard to keep a business running smoothly when cash is tight.

At Capital Alliance, our goal is to help auto repair owners get the working capital they need to claim as big of a slice of the $64 billion revenue pie the industry bakes each year. 



Whether you’re looking for a quick boost in cash flow to assist with everyday expenses or a larger infusion of capital for upgrades to your shop, you may qualify for up to $1 million.

Using Funds


Put your loan to work however you’d like:

  • Buy new equipment, like diagnostic  and repair tools
  • Restock parts, supplies and other inventory
  • Make payroll and cover tax payments
  • Cover utility bills and rent expenses
  • Absorb unexpected business expenses, like accidentally damaging a car
  • Launch a marketing campaign to target new customers
  • Open an additional body shop to expand your footprint


Why Capital Alliance?


Banks are approving fewer and fewer small business loans in the wake of the recent financial collapse. Instead of wasting your time going through a long process only to find out your application has been denied, apply for a quick loan from an alternative lender that approves a much larger percentage of loan applications, like Capital Alliance.

Capital Alliance is a direct funding source that strives to provide the unique funding solutions customers need to grow their auto repair businesses. Since we’re not bound by the restrictions that traditional financial institutions are, we’re able to quickly fund your business within 24 hours—unlike banks that may take as long as two months. Your business might even qualify for additional financing before your original loan has been paid in full.  


  • The application process takes 15 minutes or less
  • You can qualify even if your credit score isn’t the best
  • Loan applications are reviewed within 24 hours
  • Build your credit with timely payments
  • Unlock repeat customer benefits
  • There aren’t any hidden fees—you’ll know exactly how much you owe


We’ll work with you to find the exact financial instrument your restaurant needs to make it to the next level. We look forward to hearing from you!

Facts About the AUTO REPAIR Industry

  • The industry grew 3.2% between 2011 and 2016
  • 562,530 Americans are employed by body shops
  • There are 254,970 auto mechanic companies in the United States
  • No companies have a stranglehold on the market


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